Sensual Deep Tissue Massage

Brad works on every part of your body to release muscle tension, heal knots, improve blood flow and stimulate arousal with a very strong male massage technique. 

What To Expect In Your Sensual Massage Session

Sensual deep tissue massage taps into your masculine energy source, and using very firm pressure on your muscles and points of tension in your body. While the focus is on the therapeutic massage technique, it’s also designed to stimulate your senses.

Arousal and Natural Excitement

The experience of this massage is very healing and intimate, with touching of areas that will produce a wave of feelings, ranging from excitement, arousal, relaxation, calmness and more. It's a full body experience, with sensual touching and full body technique. It's not sex.

Remedial Deep Tissue Technique

You'll be massaged from head to toe, with similarities to remedial and even sports massage. It's very firm and assertive, with sustained pressure and deep, intentional strokes. You will experience a release of muscle tension in your back, neck, shoulders, chest, legs and butt, and pleasant sensations in your inner thighs, lower belly, and even your feet and ears.

Thinking About Your Personal Preferences

Everybody has unique needs and desires when it comes to both therapeutic and sensual massage. Do you have aches, pains or muscle tension? Maybe you have an old injury that still troubles you. Do you have parts of your body that are especially sensitive that you like being touched? Or maybe you just want to relax under the firm touch of a professional bodyworker. It’s important to think about your expectations and communicate them with Brad  when you arrive for your session.

Nothing like being man-handled by a big guy like Brad. I needed a full-on deep massage and that’s exactly what I got. He knows how to massage properly and how to keep the pleasure going and he gave me the best rubdown at the end.

Jackson, 30, Sydney




From Standard to Deluxe

You can choose between three session options. The Deeper and Deluxe sessions give you a more arousing experience, plus additional time to relax and connect, and extended time on your preferred areas, plus more light touching around the abdominal area, arms, neck, and legs. When you arrive, we discuss in detail what your session will include. For example, some people prefer not to have a foot massage, and some prefer more focus on healing persistent aches and tension.


1 Hour

The Standard one hour session is perfect when you’re limited for time but you still want something nice:


1.5 Hours

The Deeper 1.5 hour session gives you everything from Original, plus more intimacy and sensuality:




2 Hours

The Deluxe 2 hour session gives you everything from the Original and Deeper session, with so much more:




Lots of Satisfied Clients, But a Bit Confidential

Sometimes it’s awkward getting reviews and testimonials when much of what you do is confidential, but some of Brad’s generous clients have shared their feedback so you can make up your own mind.

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