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Brad helps you kick back, unwind and get into a state of body activation and mind relaxation.

Sydney's Expert In Men-Only Massage Therapy

Brad specialises in private, discreet and confidential work with men. He helps you amplify your deep masculinity and connection to your own mind and body. It’s perfect for you if you’d like to experience profound relaxation, and rediscover your innate maleness with healing touch and safe intimacy.

Brad works on every part of your body to release muscle tension, heal knots, improve blood flow and stimulate arousal with a very strong male massage technique. You’ll love it.

Brad uses nurturing touch therapy to help you reconnect to your innate masculine healing energy, with tender, compassionate and high contact bodywork. You’ll feel transformed.

Brad guides you on a nourishing relaxation journey, helping you feel an incredibly joyous sense of stress release and inner peace. You’ll master an enjoyable daily meditation practice.


Why Men Need Special Touch and Technique

Each gender and sexual orientation have unique constitutional qualities and men’s physicality is special in some pretty impressive ways. Of course, there are four billion different ways of being male in the world, but there are some fundamental qualities that men have in common, especially with our bodies and how they interpret touch, how they heal, and how they are sexually satisfied.

Masculine trigger Points

Men have some fairly obvious trigger points, but there’s a bunch of hidden ones that Brad activates to release tension from your body, heal your tired muscles, and amplify your sexual potential.

Testosterone Control

Our best ally but sometimes our worst enemy, testosterone can be a fickle friend. Brad helps you unlock your centre of testosterone production so you can turn it on like a tap as you mature.

Expressing Vulnerability

During bodywork sessions, Brad helps you locate your true centre which may shift between a more dominant or more submissive constitution. The work helps you make use of your healthy maleness so you can freely experience more intimacy and connection.

Sensual Male Deep Tissue Massage

In this treatment, Brad combines conventional deep tissue massage with a more sensual technique that’s energising but relaxing. Brad uses firm-hand knot-release work to bring your strong male energy into alignment with the process of muscle recovery. A powerful solution for guys who want to heal their bodies but also want to feel sensual energy.

“Coming to Brad for massage has transformed my body from head to toe. He’s a strong guy who knows exactly which muscles need loosening up, and he really tunes in to what your body needs.”

Alberto, 44, Sydney


You’re in Safe Hands with Brad

Firstly, Brad’s work is all about awakening and re-energising men in life, intimacy, love and work. He is passionate about helping guys become fully activated in body and mind. Sometimes that involves sensuality, sometimes it doesn’t.

Peace of Mind and Privacy

It's important that you feel nurtured, calm and relaxed to get the most out of your session. Brad places a very high importance on discretion. Your contact details are required for a booking, but they are never shared or disclosed.

Graduating to Therapy and Coaching

He then pursued his interest in talk therapy and healing for men, studying modules of psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, followed by a Life Coaching qualification at Results Coaching Systems in 2005.

Massage and Bodywork

Brad first studied sports, deep tissue and remedial massage 20 years ago in his Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Surry Hills, Sydney, before further study in the UK and at TAFE and Discover Massage.

Wellness, Strength and Male Sexuality

Brad continues to study bodywork, male sexuality and vitality, strength training, and Vipassana meditation. He continues to work exclusively with men, recently adding relaxation and sensual healing touch modalities to his work.

Healing Touch Therapy

Healing touch is about helping you access the raw power centre of your powerful male inner self, in a tender, nurturing, and highly energising way. In this treatment, Brad combines his strong but tender touch with conversation and two-way energy flow.

“Thanks Brad – you’ve totally changed how I relate to my body and after every session it’s like I’m fully re-charged and centered again.”

Sam, 31, Sydney

Deep Relaxation Meditation

These sessions help you feel a sense of deep inner calm, while giving you a meditation technique that’s easy and highly satisfying. Brad helps you rediscover your calm, centred mind. We combine a relaxing breathing technique with a mindful approach to ‘letting go’ through becoming fully and blissfully conscious in the present moment, leaving you extremely chilled and completely renewed.

“I’ve meditation before but I always found it too hard. With Brad it’s easy and he guides me along the way and it’s more like a relaxing journey and completely stress free. He’s like a gentle giant which I didn’t expect – good to talk to.”

Karim, 50, Sydney


Lots of Satisfied Clients, But a Bit Confidential

Sometimes it’s awkward getting reviews and testimonials when much of what you do is confidential,
but some of Brad’s generous clients have shared their feedback so you can make up your own mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

I offer a variety of massage formats, from sensual deep tissue, to remedial massage, healing touch, tantric, and M2M massage. Most of my massages include a sensual touch component, and this varies depending on whether you choose deep tissue, healing touch massage or meditation therapy. There’s also a number of options around session duration, including longer deluxe appointments and standard one hour sessions.

What does sensual mean?

Sensual massage means there is a lot of caressing and touching of all parts of your body. Sensuality is about heightening the sensations on your body and in your mind. The type of touching varies throughout the session, and there’s always a variety of soothing caress and therapeutic massage. It does not include sex, penetration, oral or kissing.

What’s the duration of appointments?

You can choose either one-hour, 1.5 hours or the deluxe two-hour session. Depending on whether you choose the Sensual Deep Tissue Massage, the Healing Touch Therapy, or the Deep Relaxation Meditation, you will have options to choose the duration that suits you. The two-hour deluxe session includes a wider variety of techniques and is very nurturing and transformative.

Availability and hours of operation

This is my full-time business, so I work most days and some nights of the week, including some weekends. I do book out in advance, so it’s usually necessary to make your reservation online a few days ahead. It’s pretty rare that you can get a booking on the same day as you go online, so please try to plan a couple of days ahead or more. My online booking system is always updated in real-time, so what you see online is what’s available.

What about sex and other stuff?

There is no sex involved in any of my massages. It is important that you understand that I do not have sex with my clients and there is no penetration and no intercourse, no oral sex and no kissing. Sensual massage does not mean sex, so please respect these boundaries. I’m passionate about helping men thrive, but I do not consent to sex.

What about showers and hygiene?

Between each client appointment, I disinfect surfaces and equipment twice. I also replace coverings and towels. While you can of course use my bathroom, please note showers are only possible if you advise me in a message when you book your appointment. It’s important to note that time spent showering will take up your session time, rather than extend your time.

What is your location and is parking available?

I am located on Chalmers Street in Surry Hills, Sydney. There is some parking right out the front of my building at night, but there’s plenty of metered parking on surrounding streets at any time of the day or night. Central Station is only five minutes walk away, as are two Sydney light rail stops and a wide variety of buses.

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