I’m Brad, your local men-only massage therapist in Sydney.

I’m passionate about helping men thrive through healing touch, tantric relaxation and energising massage

My background story

I started massaging in the late 90s when I was studying an advanced diploma in naturopathic medicine. I’d always been passionate about fitness and strength training, and after sustaining lots of injuries and never fully healing, I decided to learn more about the body, which drew me into wholistic medicine. 

Within the diploma we undertook two modalities of massage: remedial, and deep tissue. Both of them appealed, but the deep tissue was the one that seemed most transformative and had the most healing potential for men who put their bodies under pressure.

I went on to further study over the years, ending up as a massage therapist, then life coach, while also balancing a corporate career that never really satisfied me. In the last few years I turned my focus back to massage, undertaking a Whole Body Massage course and studies in sensual touch healing, which has led me to where I am today, offering a combination of those at my practice in Surry Hills, Sydney.

First studied remedial and
deep tissue massage


Most recent course in
Whole Body Massage


Number of massages
per month




The things I love

I was born and bred in Sydney, growing up on the outskirts and living in the Surry Hills area since I was 21. I’m still in the same neighbourhood, which I love.

It’s not very original, but I love travel, especially to cold climates. I love adventures in the snow and mountains, so I usually head to Canada, the US and Europe, and the south island of NZ.

Road Trips
NSW is a big, diverse state, and I love road-tripping from the south to the west and up north. I usually take my camping gear and find isolated spots away from the crowds. 

I’m a bit obsessed with exercise, especially the gym. I go running when I can, and when my dodgy ankle allows.



You’re in safe hands with me

Firstly, my work is all about awakening and re-energising men in life, intimacy, love and work. I’m passionate about helping men become fully activated in body and mind. Sometimes that involves sensuality, sometimes it doesn’t.

Privacy and Discretion

Because this work can sometimes be intimate and involves a close connection, I place high importance on keeping your presence highly confidential.

Massage and Bodywork

I first studied massage in the 90s while doing an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Graduating to Therapy and Coaching

I then pursued my interest in talk therapy and healing for men, studying modules of psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Wellness, Strength and Male Sexuality

Since that time, I've continued studying bodywork, male sexuality and vitality, strength training, various forms of massage and silent Vipassana meditation.

Choose your massage

I specialise in private, discreet and confidential work with men. I helps you develop your deep masculinity and connection to your own mind and body. It’s perfect for you if you’d like to experience profound relaxation, and rediscover your innate maleness with healing touch and safe intimacy.

Sensual Deep Tissue Massage

I work on every part of your body to release muscle tension, improve blood flow and stimulate recovery with a firm whole body massage technique.

Healing Touch Therapy

I use firm touch therapy to help you reconnect to your innate masculine healing energy, with tender, compassionate and sensual bodywork.

Deep Relaxation Massage

I guide you on a positively charged relaxation journey, helping you let go of stress, cultivate lasting peace of mind, and establish a positive self-image.

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