Healing Touch Therapy For Men

Brad’s healing touch therapy is a very soothing, nurturing and soulful approach to bodywork. It combines connection and intimacy with healing massage and caress.

What to expect in your healing touch session

Healing touch therapy is especially powerful for men who feel they would like more affection and tenderness in their lives. It’s less about working on the musculo-skeletal system and more about connection, empathy, and a compassionate, caring form of touch. There’s still plenty of energising physical massage, but it has a more tender quality to it.

Less Remedial, More Tenderness

The experience is intimate and warm, and feels more nourishing on an emotional level, with lots of personal connection. Compared to deep tissue massage, you won’t get as much relief for aches, pains and knots, but you will get a more stimulating mind-body experience.

Your Physical and Emotional Buddy

Brad becomes both a physical and emotional buddy for you in healing touch sessions. He brings his compassion and empathy into the session, while caressing and massaging you at the same time.

Heightened interaction between men

This form of bodywork began in the 1970s as western healers started to observe how powerful the more subtle eastern traditions can be when there’s an interchange of energy and interaction between client and practitioner. For two men together, this energy can be soothing and empathic.

“I’d describe Brad’s healing touch as simply beautiful. I didn’t realise how much tension I’d been holding not just in my body but in my mind. I keep coming back because Brad’s the only massage guy who’s big and strong but also really caring and present with you.”

Hugo, 52, Sydney




From Standard to Deluxe

You can choose between three session options. The Deeper and Deluxe sessions give you more time to relax, more opportunity to connect, and longer periods of touch and massage. When you arrive, we discuss in detail what your session will include. For example, some people prefer not to have a foot massage, while some prefer the light massage to be stronger and more firm.


1 Hour

The Standard one hour session is perfect when you’re limited for time but you still want something nice:


1.5 Hours

The Deeper 1.5 hour session gives you everything from Original, plus the following additional experiences:




2 Hours

The Deluxe 2 hour session gives you everything from the Original and Deeper session, plus these extras:




Lots of Satisfied Clients, But a Bit Confidential

Sometimes it’s awkward getting reviews and testimonials when much of what you do is confidential, but some of Brad’s generous clients have shared their feedback so you can make up your own mind.

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