Deep Relaxation Meditation

Brad works with men who want to achieve a happier state of consciousness with inner calm, deep fulfillment, and lasting peace of mind.

What to expect from deep relaxation meditation

Most men are busy and have a lot on their plate. Stress, burnout, and anxiety are becoming the norm for so many of us, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In our sessions together, you’ll learn how to find the space, time and willpower to start on a new path in your life. You’ll learn one of the easiest, most practical and fruitful meditation techniques available.

The Technique and Setting

In a quiet and gently lit space — sitting together on firm but comfortable meditation cushions — Brad shows you how first to pinpoint your focus and attention on your breath and your body. Then we observe our mind in action, watching our busy thoughts arise, then fade away. During the session Brad guides you to your calm centre so you can locate it every time and achieve total tranquility.

Does It Relate to Massage?

These sessions don't have any massage component, however we do sometimes incorporate some of the healing touch therapy into the meditation. This is helpful if you're trying to make peace with intimacy issues or you're healing from trauma.

Why Would I Choose relaxation Meditation?

Over the last few decades, hundreds of research studies have shown that meditation positively impacts the lives of those who practice it regularly. You don’t have to be a monk or a spiritual seeker to get benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, increased serotonin and improved mood, increased creativity, more stable emotions, a sharper mind and a happier day-to-day experience of life in general.

“I used to meditate years ago and it changed my life back then. As my job and social life got busier I just stopped but I really should have kept it up. Brad has introduced me to a type of meditation that’s easy compared to most others I’ve tried, and I’m just happier because of it. Way less stressed and just much more chilled out in my head.”

Augie, 42, Sydney




From Standard to Deeper Sessions


45 Minutes

The Original 45 minute meditation session is great if you’re limited for time and you’re keen to get straight into the practical technique straight away:


1.5 Hours

The Deeper 1.5 hour session gives you everything from Original, plus the following additional experiences:




Lots of Satisfied Clients, But a Bit Confidential

Sometimes it’s awkward getting reviews and testimonials when much of what you do is confidential, but some of Brad’s generous clients have shared their feedback so you can make up your own mind.

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